4 Auto Insurance Tips To Remember When Moving After Your Retirement


If you are preparing to retire, then you might be thinking about moving. For example, you might be planning on moving to a retirement community in a state that has lower taxes and nicer weather. No matter where you are planning on moving after your retirement, it is important to think about how your car insurance can be affected. These are some of the things that you will probably need to keep in mind during this busy and exciting time in your life.

1. It's Important to Let Your Insurance Company Know About Your Move

You might be busy with things like looking for the perfect home to move to after your retirement. However, you should not wait too long to contact your insurance company to let them know about your move. Many insurance companies require you to provide up-to-date information about where your car will be parked and driven. Many insurance companies make it easy to update this information online or by calling and talking with an agent.

2. Your Insurance Company Might Not Offer Coverage in Your New Area

Many auto insurance companies only offer coverage in certain states. This means that you might be forced to look for another insurance company that offers coverage in the state that you are moving to. 

3. Insurance Costs Vary From Place to Place

Right now, the insurance company that you have your coverage through might offer you the best deal. However, you should know that this might change when you move to your new home. Insurance costs vary from place to place, so it pays to see if another insurance company offers more affordable rates in your new city and state. Be prepared for overall costs to potentially go up due to your move; in fact, this might be something that you will want to research before choosing a new place to retire to.

4. It's a Good Time to Make Other Changes to Your Auto Insurance Policy

Whether you are planning on sticking with the same car insurance company or if you want to switch to another company, it might be a good idea for you to make a few changes to your policy. For example, you might need to remove adult children from your car insurance policy if they will not be moving with you to your new home, or you might want to let your insurance company know that you will not be using your vehicle for a long daily commute anymore due to your retirement. 


19 January 2020

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