4 Auto Insurance Tips To Remember When Moving After Your Retirement


If you are preparing to retire, then you might be thinking about moving. For example, you might be planning on moving to a retirement community in a state that has lower taxes and nicer weather. No matter where you are planning on moving after your retirement, it is important to think about how your car insurance can be affected. These are some of the things that you will probably need to keep in mind during this busy and exciting time in your life.

19 January 2020

3 Things To Know About Your Homeowner's Insurance & Your Child Going To College


When your child heads off to college, they are probably going to head off with thousands of dollars of personal items. The cost of your child's clothing, bedding, electronics, and other personal items can really add up. When you send your child off to college, in addition to making sure your child is prepared for the experience, you need to make sure that their personal belongings are protected by insurance if something were to happen to them.

16 January 2020

Protect Your Insurance Costs By Following These Tips To Avoid Accidents


Anytime you experience an accident with your car and have to file a claim with your own policy, you take the risk of increased premiums. Your premiums are based on risk levels, and the number of accidents you have on your record affects this. If you want to protect your premiums, it might be wise to follow some good tips that may help you avoid being involved in an accident. Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind to help you stay accident-free.

2 January 2020